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'The Accidental Quilter'

Quilt 11- 2020  'Clottie'


"Clottie" continues the weaving theme, but, fed up with the constant carping from my family, accompanied by helpful comments along the lines of "not more of the same geometrical stuff" each time I showed them a new project, I decided that maybe a slight change in direction was called for. I do NOT, however, promise not to revert to type at a later date ! She is comprised of just under 10,000 half centimetre squares, but even with that number of "pieces" she still comes in at just 50cms x 50cms.


I used the same Hoffman 1895 batiks as I had in my first three quilts because I felt that the inherent blending of colours, even within a tiny batik square, would give a more natural result and would therefore be more in tune with the variegated colouring of the latest addition to our family. The design process was atypically rapid, as it was simply a question of pixelating a photograph and adapting it, with the help of a friend´s programming skills, to my chosen colour palette. The real challenge was working with such tiny pieces of fabric, though, between the small size of the finished quilt and the number of patchwork hours there are in a lockdown day, this quilt took only a couple of months from start to finish.


Strictly speaking, "Clottie" is a quilt insofar as she has the requisite three layers. She does not, however, have any quilting stitches at all as I felt, not for the first time, that these would do little to enhance the end result and, on the contrary, ran the very real risk of detracting from it.


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The Quilts Of Peter Hayward

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