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Quilt 2 - 2011  'Colour, Logic and Lunacy'


While I was working on the Vasarely quilt I bought RaNae Merrill´s book 'Simply

Amazing Spiral Quilts'. Wow! This was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for and

my next project was very much inspired by her book. I also treated myself to a 30

year old Bernina Record from eBay since I was rather enjoying this patchwork lark.

I used the same series of batiks as before and although I at first sketched the whole

quilt by hand I decided it would be best to teach myself EQ6, not to enable me to draw

and print the individual blocks but to ensure that I spun them all in the right

direction and got the colours to exactly match up correctly. The 168 blocks themselves

were hand drawn, photocopied and then paper pieced. There are over 8000 pieces

and 72 different colours.  I sewed the blocks together from the centre outwards having

first quilted them in easily manageable sections of 4 blocks at a time. Once they were

all sewn together I simply added a backing fabric and stitched in the ditch between all

the blocks with invisible thread to hold it all together. At the time I doubted I would

ever be mad enough to spend anything like 1200 hours on a single project again and

this was the source of the "lunacy" part of the title. As it turns out I suspect that I

have actually come dangerously close a couple of times since !  


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'The Accidental Quilter'

The Quilts Of Peter Hayward

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