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Quilt 1 - 2010   'Vasarely´s High Jumper'


My first work was a copy of Vasarely's 'High Jumper'. I chose to use Hoffman 1895 batiks as there were about 360 colours in the range and my first step was to select the exact ones I wanted. I did this by buying four inch sample squares of the entire collection and auditioning them to find the most faithful match to the original.


Since the picture lent itself ideally to being enlarged via a grid system I drew it by hand onto a non-fusible interlining which stays inside the quilt forever and which has a grid pre-printed on it. I then cut the interlining into 42 horizontal strips and pieced each one with its 31 patches before finally sewing the strips back together.


Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist whose work is generally known as Op art.


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'The Accidental Quilter'

The Quilts Of Peter Hayward

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