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Quilt 14 - 2023 'Mi casa en un Arbol”


Having survived working on a quilt together when we made “ Once Upon a Time” (Quilt 13) my wife, Esther Tronchoni and I decided to repeat the experience in early 2023. She had found an excellent photograph of a raccoon in the trunk of a tree and, once she had secured the necessary permissions, we set to work. As before, we did not work on the same areas together but rather divided responsibilities according to theme. Thus it was that she undertook the raccoon itself and the leaves while I was allotted the trunk of the tree !


For the reasons of depth outlined in Quilt 13 I used the false weaving pixel technique and the 1895 batiks for my section. Esther made the leaves in her trademark fused collage style but then came the novelty….She had recently become very keen on wool felting and decided that this image gave her a great opportunity to combine this new interest with some more conventional patchwork. So it was that the raccoon was made in wool before being appliqued onto the quilt.


“Mi Casa en un Arbol” won a first prize in the Spanish International Patchwork Festival in Sitges.


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'The Accidental Quilter'

The Quilts Of Peter Hayward

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