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Quilt 16-2024 “JQK @ JBC”

My other hobby, apart from patch work, is playing bridge. I had long wanted to hang something in my local club which is the Javea Bridge Club, affectionately known as JBC. I decided that some pixelated cards would be a simple but suitable subject.

As the result was never intended to be a competition piece it did not have to comply with any rules, nor be finished by any particular deadline. I therefore designed something which could be worked on for a while and then left, depending on what else needed doing. There are some 20,000 pieces, “falsely woven” to produce 0.75 cm squares. One specific “quilt” criterion with which I was especially happy not to comply was the quilting itself. “JQK @ JBC” contains NOT A SINGLE STITCH ! Even the sleeve and label are fused and it has no batting at all.


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'The Accidental Quilter'

The Quilts Of Peter Hayward

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